Structural Cardiac Anatomy by #HoloAnatomy Software Suite in 3D – Mixed Reality experience – New Frontiers in Interventional Cardiology workshop (NFIC)

December 6, 2022


Students of the Scientific Circle for Digital Medicine and Robotics had an opportunity to present HoloAnatomy Software Suite® capabilities during international conference-New Frontiers in Interventional Cardiology. This was enabled by the project “Mixed Reality supporting Advanced Medical Education- a new metod of teaching medical skills” directed by PhD Klaudia Proniewska. NFIC is the meeting that is held annually in Cracow (Poland) and gathers specialists in: cardiology, cardiac surgery, angiology and radiology from all over the world. The conference consisted of many discussion panels, lectures and workshops which took place in ICE – Cracow Congress Center and lasted from 7.12.2022 to 9.12.2022.


HoloAnatomy® session were conducted in the workshop section under supervision of Klaudia Proniewska PhD, Dariusz Dudek MD, PhD, FESC and Piotr Walecki PhD by the students:

-Julianna Dąbrowa (Chairwomen of SCC for Digital Medicine and Robotics)

-Michał Piotrowski

-Antoni Cierniak

-Kinga Glądys

-Paulina Więcławek

-Jakub Jucha

-Kamila Undas

-Karol Musiał

-Małgorzata Wołek


Sessions considered various anatomical, technological and cardiological topics including:

-Structural cardiac anatomy in Mixed Reality environment

-Topographic anatomy of the thorax region

-Use of the HoloAnatomy Software® for presenting methods of the MitraClip procedure

-Use of the HoloAnatomy Software® for 3D visualisation of percutaneous LAA closure procedure

-Appliance of Mixed Reality in planning of interventional cardiology procedures

-Multi-modality of HoloAnatomy Software® as a method of improving anatomy learning

-Methods of enhancing memorization of anatomy structures available in software

-Precise 3D printing of anatomical structures – cooperation with SCC Transpeed (the AGH University of Science and Technology)

-Use of proctioring in Mixed Reality

-Micro-CT in Mixed Reality- a heart model


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