HoloAnatomy® Software – Case Western Reserve University and Cleveland Clinic representative in Jagiellonian University Medical College

June 10, 2022


As a part of the MRAME project led by medical engineer Klaudia Proniewska and funded by the Erasmus+ program, the Center for Digital Medicine and Robotics has acquired cutting-edge technology: HoloAnatomy® Software Suite developed by Case Western Reserve University and Cleveland Clinic. This is one of the few software programs using mixed reality, which allows users to view and engage with high-quality, realistic holograms. Anatomical representation is projected into the physical world, which can be directly manipulated by users. It is an interaction between real-world and digital objects.

From the 6th of June to the 10th of June 2022, we were honored to host Case Western Reserve University and Cleveland Clinic representative, Nancy Farrow, who provided HoloAnatomy training for polish academic educators. One of the highly valued results of the meeting is the implementation of a new anatomical curriculum in 2022-2023. It is an opportunity to enhance the education of I-year medical students at the Jagiellonian University Medical College.

The future of education will be defined by technology, and Mixed Reality has great opportunities and benefits in this space.